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Press Release: Introducing the Pure IP ONE SD-WAN Voice Solution

Posted by Pure IP News on 03-Aug-2018 17:14:54


Introducing the Pure IP ONE, a fully-encrypted SD-WAN voice communications solution that is deployable in as little as two weeks — via ONE device, ONE network, and ONE vendor.

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Press Release: Pure IP Launches Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Posted by Pure IP News on 12-Jul-2018 19:08:48


Pure IP has launched direct routing for the highly-anticipated Microsoft Teams, serving as one of the first-to-market for Teams voice integration in the Unified Communications (UC) industry.

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Pure IP Launches Integrated WebRTC and SIP Trunking Service

Posted by Pure IP News on 24-Sep-2017 21:00:00

Pure IP has launched a WebRTC service offering to expand the communication technologies to global customers. SIP Trunking and WebRTC are complementary technologies, and when they are combined, they can offer new opportunities in managing Company Communication.

WebRTC enables real-time communication over peer-to-peer connections. It essentially turns any browser into a phone by utilising the inbuilt real-time protocols without the complexity of installing add-ons or having to use a 3rd party voice application. Pure IP believe it will offer our customers the ability to provide another secure and robust method for communication.

Pure IP is offering the WebRTC solution as a complementary product to our global SIP trunking service so it can provide our users with more communication options. The key differentiator to the Pure IP WebRTC service is that we will manage the WebRTC session and deliver the call to the customer's environment as a standard SIP call. This innovative approach requires the minimum amount of changes on the customer’s side and with little effort, provides a new secure communication channel.

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New Look and Improved UX for Pure IP's Customer Portal

Posted by Pure IP News on 11-Jan-2017 15:20:30

We are pleased to announce the launch of our enhanced Customer Portal. We have improved this essential tool to provide customers with more features and a centralised access to all Pure IP services, billing and reporting.  The new, redesigned portal includes updated features for effortless accessibility as well as a sneak peak into the new branding that will be rolled out in 2017.  Click here to read all about this exciting launch.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at
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Hosted Voice Integration for Office 365

Posted by Pure IP News on 16-Nov-2016 14:10:16


Pure IP provides an effortless option for cloud migration.  We've developed a new, hybrid way to connect SIP trunks to Office 365, giving you the HD-quality voice service you've come to expect from Pure IP, while at the same time enjoying the benefits of cloud integration.

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Pure IP have added Mexico to our Global Coverage!

Posted by Pure IP News on 30-Aug-2016 10:54:56


Pure IP are happy to announce that from the 1st of August 2016 we can offer ISDN PRI replacement services in Mexico. This brings the number of countries to whom we can offer a full ISDN-PRI replacement service to a total of 29.

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Pure IP have become a G-Cloud Partner!

Posted by Pure IP News on 03-Aug-2016 11:43:18


Pure IP, a market leader in Skype for Business SIP trunks, has joined the Government's G-Cloud framework to help better serve our growing public sector business. The G-Cloud framework is an agreement between the government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services.

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Pure IP opens point of presence in Melbourne, Australia

Posted by Pure IP News on 20-Jul-2016 17:11:19

As of July 2016 we are fully operational in Melbourne, providing customers with a full suite of next generation SIP trunk services in Australia. With the addition of our point of presence in Melbourne, this brings our total global number locations to ten across five countries.

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What does the 2015 SIP Survey mean for Enterprise Communications?

Posted by Pure IP News on 29-Apr-2016 14:15:30

SIP trunking has grown exponentially in recent years and, as more and more organisations look to deploy a unified communications strategy, its popularity is only set to increase further. The SIP School carried out a survey of the industry last year, identifying the experience customers have had with the technology, how it has benefitted their business and what SIP providers could do to improve their service.

The survey highlighted a number of areas that are challenging the industry, as well as some surprising statistics on the most common pain points customers are facing. Selecting the right provider lies at the very heart of a successful SIP deployment, so it’s important that organisations know what to look for in a provider; should they opt for a well-known brand or go for a more specialist provider?

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888 Holdings: A Safe Bet for SIP Trunk Solutions

Posted by Pure IP News on 24-Mar-2016 15:32:11

Pure IP has been working with 888 Holdings plc since 2011, providing SIP trunk solutions and cloud computing as 888 Holdings expanded in size and geographic reach, opening in new locations globally.

888 Holdings was a very early adopter of SIP trunking technology and it considered the quality of the service agreement and technical knowledge when deciding to work with Pure IP. The flexible standard of service that Pure IP was able to offer sealed the deal.

It became clear that the ability to set up new lines in new locations instantly was essential to 888 Holdings. A large proportion of its calls were inbound, relating to customer support, fraud, or risk management. Pure IP manages all of its lines and can set up new lines as and when needed as 888 Holdings continues to grow and develop.

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