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New Look and Improved UX for Pure IP's Customer Portal

Posted by Pure IP News on 11-Jan-2017 15:20:30

We are pleased to announce the launch of our enhanced Customer Portal. We have improved this essential tool to provide customers with more features and a centralised access to all Pure IP services, billing and reporting.  The new, redesigned portal includes updated features for effortless accessibility as well as a sneak peak into the new branding that will be rolled out in 2017.  Click here to read all about this exciting launch.

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A Dedicated Voice Circuit protects your business

Posted by Pure IP News on 10-Jul-2015 14:16:00

Effective and reliable communications is the lifeblood of remaining competitive in any global business. It seems remarkable therefore that the responsibility of this network is often left to the concern of only a select few in an IT department back at HQ. That is until a disaster occurs and the telephony or communications network is lost – then it jumps to the top of everyone’s priority list.

Network failures can be caused by anything from a natural disaster to fire, burglary or hacking - anything that disrupts the fibre network. Whatever it may be, the chance of receiving a forewarning when a failure is going to happen is extremely low and the potential for a negative financial impact is high.

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