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Pure IP CEO Speaks About Microsoft Teams Direct Routing at ITSPA Panel

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June 11, 2019

In mid-May, Pure IP CEO Gary Forrest participated in a Microsoft Teams workshop hosted by the Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association (ITSPA) in London. The workshop was both informative and well-timed, with speakers explaining how telephony service companies can provide value to the growing Microsoft Teams user base. Needless to say, participants were eager to learn how Teams can be a win for everyone.

The presentations, which included Pure IP’s CEO Gary Forrest and Microsoft Solutions Architect Paul Buxton, focused on how Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is changing collaboration and broadening access to corporate voice solutions. The experts explained that Direct Routing allows telecom providers to offer services to Teams users by connecting them to one of three approved SBC suppliers: Audiocodes, Oracle, and Ribbon. By doing so, companies can deploy global voice solutions from third party carriers, including Pure IP, which ensures organizations have expansive reach across international and remote offices.

During the talk, Gary shared an example of how telephony providers can successfully partner with Microsoft, explaining that Pure IP has already implemented over 150 trunks using Direct Routing. The service allows Teams users to reap the benefits of Pure IP’s agile and secure solution, which provides multiple encrypted and dedicated connections into Office 365 for each customer tenant, as well as failover engineering.

You can learn more about Pure IP’s Direct Routing solution here.

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