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Pure IP Joins London Internet Exchange (LINX)

February 5, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Pure IP is now a member of the London Internet Exchange (LINX), one of the world’s largest network peering exchanges, with over 75% of the global routing table.

Operating in the UK and US, LINX is a mutually governed, global leader of internet exchange points (IXP). It has over 670 members from over 67 different countries across the globe and handles 1,500 ports with an average of 1.19 Tbit/s daily bandwidth. As a result, LINX allows members a reliable exchange of traffic with increased routing control and improved performance.

True to its mantra, ‘Working for the good of the internet,’ all service and membership fees paid to LINX are invested into its infrastructure, ensuring that it is always up to date and remains at the forefront of the IXP industry. As a result of this investment, LINX promises its members improved network performance, low latency and more control.

What does this mean for Pure IP and our customers?

Pure IP is currently going through a period of rapid expansion, so we are looking forward to the further growth we will see as a result of joining LINX. In addition, membership enables Pure IP to reach a number of local and international peering partners, delivering the following benefits that will further help to expand and improve the network for our customers:

  • Increased control over the network
  • Access to a direct physical route
  • Lower latency and no contention
  • Diversity and resilience
  • Further technical expertise

To find out more, visit the LINX website here.

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