Unlocking Skype for Business Conferencing 


Don’t be that frustrated IT Manager who is struggling to maximize the benefits from your Skype for Business solution. 

If you’re using an external conferencing provider and have a Skype for Business solution then you are missing out and paying more than you should be. Frankly, it’s about time that you swapped high access charges for a low, monthly fixed cost and we can help you.

In this eBook you will discover…

  • How you can deliver international local numbers using Skype for Business conferencing
  • How you can get increased control over your teleconferencing usage and provide end users with a whole range of additional features
  • Why you should adopt a conferencing model that allows for channels to be shared across all your dedicated international local numbers

We do not limit ourselves to just these however, in our eBook we help you understand the most common questions asked when it comes to providing a Skype for Business conferencing solution and clarify common misconceptions regarding channel allocations and dedicated connectivity.

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