How to Protect your Business from Telephony Fraud

Fraud_eBook_Thumb-1.pngSIP trunks are a powerful tool for businesses, as they can be set up quickly and easily in any location.

In a similar way to credit cards, the convenience of SIP trunks can transform businesses but if a fraudster acquires access, its vulnerabilities are exposed.

To avoid fraudsters running up bills in your name, SIP trunking specialists take measures to improve security. One of the first steps to take is to choose a secure SIP trunk provider who has built-in mechanisms to prevent fraud and mitigate business risk.

Our latest eBook explores:

  • How SIP trunks are just as secure as old-fashioned ISDN lines 
  • The importance of configuring your authentication process properly
  • Which security measures businesses need to take, as well as additional measures your SIP trunk provider should offer
  • Why security measures need to be part of the SIP trunk package offered to customers

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