Engineering Better Communications the World Over with Pure IP Case Study

Pure IP enables agile, affordable and manageable growth for a global company.

Agility and acquisition was top of the agenda for this world-class engineering company. Employing over 6,000 people in 27 countries, the company needed to bring new business operations online quickly in order to achieve their big growth abitions.

As they planned to roll out Skype for Business to all operations were hampered by the inconsistency of service between locations. That was when another company recommended Pure IP, a provide it had used to connect its own mulitple business units around the world.

Download your free copy and discover how Pure IP:

  • Cut costs and accelerated delivery, replacing all legacy phone systems and ISDN lines with a complete SIP solution
  • Removed risk with their disaster recovery/high availability provision
  • Delivered globally, routing 1,800 numbers to date over their international SIP trunking service

If you’ve got big growth ambitions and need a partner who can provide an international telecoms service and give your business the flexibility and performance you require, then download this case study to find out why Pure IP is the right fit for you. Simply complete the form on the left.