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Pure IP Launches Hosted CCE Service

Posted by Team Pure IP on 18-Dec-2017 15:57:27


Global PSTN Calling for Office 365

Pure IP have developed a new way to connect SIP trunks to Skype for Business Online and Teams, allowing you to continue to experience the HD-quality voice service from Pure IP, while achieving the benefits of Office 365 integration.

Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) enables Skype for Business online customers to utilise their own provider or preferred vendor for telecoms services.   The Pure IP solution  facilitates users being hosted in Skype for Business online while connecting to Pure IP for Global PSTN / SIP connectivity.

In this blog we will cover the solution we are offering, the pricing, the coverage and what is needed on your side.

The Proposal

Pure IP have launched a hosting service for CCE which is installed, managed and maintained in our core global data centres. The service requires no capital investment and is offered on a monthly subscription basis.

Benefits of the Pure IP hosted solution include:

  • No on-site equipment – fully hosted in our own data centre
  • Fully managed deployment and technical integration
  • Directly connected onto the Pure IP core voice infrastructure
  • Integrated into existing 24/7 support network
  • Redundancy options available
  • Tailored solutions


The Hosted CCE pricing is based on the maximum number of concurrent calls.


Each instance of CCE has a one off setup charge of £1,000 per instance.

The pricing is inclusive of maintenance, 24*7 support, hosting charges and public bandwidth

minimum 12month term

Pricing excludes any public certificates *

What is required?

Our CCE solution is currently only available for Skype online customers who do not have any Skype for Business on-premise.  This limitation is a consequence of a customer’s online  environment that is not being joined to your local domain so can not co-exist with on-premise Skype.

To deploy and manage a Hosted CCE Pure IP need the following

  • Customer must provide a SAN certificate with two FQDNs issues by a trusted Certificate Authority such as Digicert or GoDaddy
  • add a DNS entry to your domain zone ( typically ap.{domainname}.com )
  • a user account in your Office 365 Tenant with Skype for Business admin privileges (to register the CCE)
  • a test account user with Office 365 Enterprise E5 license (which can be removed after deployment)

Additional Cost Benefits

Microsoft Calling Plans are charged at a "per user" rate for a set number of pooled minutes, where as Pure IP charge for required base services and actual calling usage. As your organisation grows beyond 20-25 users, this can be a costly solution to expand your telecommunication services since the E1, E3, and E5 licenses that incorporates the Cloud PBX element and voice plan can costs between £30.00 - £48.00 per user, per month.

Pure IP can demonstrate the savings that can be achieved over the year, based on the number of users and current calling profile.

Please contact Pure IP at so we can provide a more in-depth analysis, and advise what can be achieved for your organisation.


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