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Pure IP is now available as a SIP Trunk Provider in Singapore

Posted by Pure IP News on 22-Apr-2015 17:12:00

pureip_blog_imageWe’re proud to announce that as of 01 May 2015 we will have a second colocation point in Singapore. We are now able to provide a full suite of services to our customers looking for a SIP Trunk provider in Singapore – whether it's for businesses based in Singapore or for those based anywhere else in the world looking to expand their telephony into Asia Pacific.

Through this second point of presence, we have expanded our coverage so that our customers, irrespective of the size of their business, can run traffic through their SIP Trunk solution in and out of the APAC region. The expansion will be rolled out to our customer base from the start of May, with more customers coming on board as each week and month as we provide access to full redundancy safeguards and the full suite of Pure IP services.

The introduction of a second point of presence in Singapore further cements our commitment to providing customers with a resilient, global telephony platform that can deal with large amounts of call volume and can provide support in key APAC countries.

Access to local numbers

In a highly regulated telecoms market like Singapore, you have to achieve a certain level of licences in order to provide access to local telephone numbers. We are one of only a handful of providers to achieve a level six licence, meaning we can now offer like for like service in line with the major Singaporean providers – providing a complete suite of services for any company large or small. Now, businesses operating in Singapore not only have the option to partner with alternative service provider, but with a provider that can branch out internationally using our pre-existing network.

This is also great news for existing Microsoft Lync customers based in Singapore and APAC as they can benefit from easier access and support from a certified Microsoft Lync 2013 provider. Our accreditation enables us to communicate directly with the Microsoft Lync servers – specifically the Mediation Server, meaning there is no need for an on-premise Session Border Controller. This is what gives us the ability to guarantee the security of all communications and to create automatic fail-safes and backup channels.

Isn’t it about time you replaced your ISDN

Many businesses – not just in Singapore, but across the world – still rely on costly and outdated land-lines to run their telephony. This venture into APAC enables us to provide an alternative solution and remove the need for ISDN line rental by implementing a SIP Trunk.

Businesses in Singapore and internationally can now take advantage of their own existing central IT infrastructure, instead of relying on local providers to assist them in conducting their daily business. For example if a company wanted to establish a new phone-user, they don't have to contact the local telecommunications provider instead they can just add users to their SIP Trunk.

Through bringing telephony into an existing IT department many businesses will begin to see a significant cost reduction over time.



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