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Overcome the challenges of managing a global communications network

Posted by Pure IP News on 02-Jul-2015 17:31:00

Flexible_Telephony_Blog_ImageTechnology has brought the world together and allowed businesses to break into new territories that would have previously been very difficult to crack. Connecting multiple office locations across the world can be quick, easy and not as costly as many would believe. 

However managing a global communications network is not without its challenges. As businesses grow and expand they want to support regional locations with the same infrastructure and resources as the main headquarters. This not only makes good business sense, but also engenders a sense of belonging to an organisation as opposed to the impression that employees are working in remote offices, with little support, unreliable communications and one step removed from the main business.

IT Directors and Unified Communications Specialists work hard to make sure that employees in regional offices have the necessary support and communications they need to be successful in their job functions. But problems can arise when there is an over reliance on local network providers or an abundance of different contact numbers for the business.

When expanding a business and opening a new office location, a primary driving factor is the time it takes to get the office up and running, performing its role for the business. In order to expedite this process the common choice is to seek out a local provider for their network and telephony requirements – but this is short-sighted and can be a real headache for the central IT department or UC specialist in the event of a problem.

With a Skype for Business SIP Trunk solution, problems such as these can be eradicated and control of the communications network can be placed back in the hands of the IT department or UC specialist. It also reduces the reliance on local providers and avoids the restriction of a business having numerous local area codes for its different office locations.

How an SIP Trunk works in practice

We can wax lyrical about the benefits all day long, however it is far better to read how this has happened in the real world. In a recent case study, an international technology group with a truly global presence had adopted a Skype for Business SIP Trunk solution to empower its 18,000 strong workforce split across 60 countries worldwide.

You can download this case study by clicking here or the button below and read:

  • How telephony can be rolled out to new office locations without the challenges of sourcing local network providers.
  • How it can provide added flexibility to an existing telephony system.
  • How a long-term partnership with the correct SIP Trunk provider can provide bottom line business benefits.

If you’re searching for flexibility to rapidly expand your current communication network with access to universal numbers without the area codes – then chances are you need a reliable SIP Trunking solution.

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