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Flexible Skype for Business (SfB) SIP Trunking

Posted by Pure IP News on 18-Jun-2015 08:35:00

Flexible_SfB_Blog_Image_newOne of the popular questions we get asked on regular basis is “Can you be flexible with your SIP Trunking?”. The answer is always “Yes!”. Our philosophy is not to pigeonhole customers into the services we offer, but instead to listen to the problems customers are facing, understand their requirements and which elements of the old telephony system, if any, they want to keep.

  • If a customer wants us to supply the Internet connection to host its telephony then the answer is… Yes, of course.
  • If a customer wants to use its existing Internet for telephony then the answer is… Yes, of course.
  • If a customer wants to bring on board a new Internet supplier then the answer is… Yes, of course.

You can see the theme developing here. We are regularly involved in discussions surrounding specific Skype for Business SIP Trunk requirements and whether we can provide what our customers are asking for. The answer is ‘Yes, of course’ – even to the point where customer might begin to think it sounds too good to be true. The reality is that it is true, our flexibility of Skype for Business SIP Trunking is one of our stand-out services that separates us from the competition.

Square pegs, round holes

The analogy is one we’re all familiar with, but what if you’re an organisation that doesn’t have square pegs or round pegs? What if your ‘peg’ is a balbis or squarcicle? If you approached any major telecoms provider with bespoke SIP Trunk requirements then the chances are that you would have to adapt in order to fit their service offering – therefore your business is not receiving the full potential or is being limited in someway. This is why we prefer to custom build our engagements to suit customer requirements.

Don’t settle for being told how many channels you can have or how they can be split over the network – you know your business telephony requirements better than anyone - you should be in the driving seat!

At this point, the doubters might be thinking… “Sounds great, but I bet custom agreements are expensive!” However, ask yourself this…

  • … do you really want to limit the amount of coverage you receive to a few countries, or do you want truly international coverage?
  • … do you really want to pay separately for a set number of channels in different locations when you can split your existing channel allocation over two locations?
  • … do you really want to compromise on the services you require?

Still have doubts? Then try our services for yourself free of charge. We’ll give you two weeks’ access with support from our helpdesk and if you’re not completely satisfied then you can simply revert back to your current system – no hard feelings.

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